Pre-validated TRAC probes for cancer research

To assist with cancer research and therapeutic screening, our pre-validated cancer probes cover many relevant genes. These can be combined into custom panels depending on your requirements. Many studies have already been completed using TRAC, utilizing both human tissues and cell culture lines.

TRAC allows time-efficient and cost-effective analysis, with high sample throughput. This is especially important for cancer research, as cancers tend to be genetically diverse, even within a single lesion. Using TRAC, many samples and/or genes can be investigated per study, allowing you to get a true picture of the expression profile for the cancer you are interested in.

Current pre-validated genes for TRAC include:

  • p53
  • CDK4
  • COX1
  • Matrix metalloproteinase genes

Our cancer gene library is continually being updated – please view our current list for the most up-to-date information.