Custom TRAC probes and panels

Your study. Your genes. Your TRAC.

Although we have a range of pre-designed and well-validated probes for you to use, TRAC analysis can be carried out for any gene where the DNA sequence is known. This allows you to work with any pathway and organism of your choice.

Developing custom TRAC for your research is simple:

  • Send us the name and accession number of your genes
  • We’ll design custom TRAC probes to target them
  • Take advantage of our FAST TRAC service

Why use TRAC for your specific study?

  • TRAC has many technical advantages over similar systems for measuring gene expression
  • 30 genes per well using 96 well plates allows significant multiplexing with high sample throughput
  • TRAC is extremely cost-effective
  • Automated sample handling means rapid processing and minimal hands-on time
  • Minimal technical variability means TRAC produces results you can trust