Pre-Validated Genes for ADME-Tox Screening in Human Samples

To help increase the speed and accuracy of your ADME-Tox screening assays using human cells and tissue samples, we have developed a range of pre-validated probes. These can be clustered into highly informative panels aimed at a particular area of the ADME-Tox response, for example drug metabolism or hepatotoxicity.

Recent FDA and EMA guidelines recommend that drug discovery researchers analyze Cytochrome P450 mRNA levels to evaluate the drug metabolism and signs of hepatotoxicity of new drug candidates.

Our probes include over 14 members of the Cytochrome P450 family, as well as other genes induced or repressed by well-known compounds such as Omeprazole, Rifampin, Phenobarbital, and many more. E.g.

  • 14 CYP 450 genes, including all FDA-recommended CYP targets
  • Glucuronosyl Transferases
  • Glutathione Transferases
  • ABC Transporters
  • Reference genes including Actin, Gapdh and Ubc
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