Rapid screening of CYP mRNA expression for early compound testing

Failures at the late stages of drug development can be very costly. To help you screen your compounds, quickly and easily, we developed the TRAC CYP+ Screen service. The expression of a panel of CYP genes is used to analyze many compounds at once, quickly and easily, highlighting the best candidates and allowing the others to ‘fail early’.

The benefits of using TRACPACK-CYP+ mRNA for your ADME-Tox studies:

  • Screen potential CYP mRNA activation in early phase of your drug discovery
  • Minimize unnecessary expense by only focusing on the right compounds
  • Consistent results from our well-validated HepaRG cell line
  • A panel of mRNA level CYP measurements completed with a multiplex TRAC assay

The benefits of TRAC:

  1. High sample throughput meets multiplex gene expression analysis
  2. Direct and quantitative measurement of all relevant CYP targets, with selected phase II metabolism, transporter and hepatotoxicity markers.
  3. Targets and reference genes in a single well, maximizing normalization accuracy
  4. Reduced bias as there is no need for RNA extraction or cDNA conversion
  5. Time and cost savings due to low reagent expenses and short hands-on time
  6. High reproducibility due to automated sample processing and protocols free of amplifications steps

For more in-depth analysis of promising compounds, we offer our TRAC INDUCTION service. This allows you to assess CYP expression and activity levels in the same study, at a range of compound concentrations in cells from 3 individual donors (as recommended by the FDA).