Our induction package for Dog is a full service for CYP induction studies.

TRAC DOG INDUCTION is an ideal solution for screening of canine drug candidates in preclinical stage using primary dog hepatocytes.

The benefits of using our service:

  • A single service for dog cytochrome P 450 induction analysis and follow-up, presented in a unified, concise report
  • Highly cost- and time-efficient compared to working with multiple services
  • mRNA levels and CYP activity measurements at the same time gives a powerful and complete overview of pathway status
  • mRNA level CYP measurements completed with a multiplex TRAC assay:
    – High sample throughput meets multiplex gene expression analysis
    – Measurement of all relevant CYP 450 targets and reference genes in a single well
    – Direct use of cell lysates without RNA extraction or cDNA conversion
    – Time and cost savings due to low reagent expenses and short hands-on time
    – High reproducibility due to automated sample processing and protocols free of amplifications steps

Our validated Dog ADME-Tox panel includes members of the Cytochrome P450 family and reference genes:

  • Cyp1A1
  • Cyp1A2
  • Cyp2B11
  • Cyp3A12
  • Cyp3A26
  • Reference genes: Actin, B2M, SDHA, GAPDH

Additional genes up can be added to the panel according to customer wishes.