TRAC induction

A full service package for ALL your CYP induction studies

TRAC INDUCTION is the full ADME-Tox service for screening your drug compounds in depth, offering CYP expression and enzyme activity analysis in cells from multiple donors.

The measurement of CYP induction at the transcript level is a powerful tool in pre-clinical ADME-Tox studies. Recent guidelines from FDA and EMA even recommend that drug discovery researchers analyze CYP mRNA levels to evaluate the potential of all new drug candidates. CYP activity measurements reveal the induction of drug compounds at the enzyme level.


  • Highly cost- and time-efficient compared to working with multiple services
  • Hepatocytes from 3 donors used, meeting FDA recommendations
  • mRNA levels and CYP activity give a powerful and complete overview of pathway status
  • Single service for all CYP induction analysis, with data presented in a unified, concise report
  • A multiplex panel of mRNA level CYP measurements can be efficiently completed with a multiplex TRAC assay
  • Single service provider of all your results minimizes technical variation

TRAC has a wide range of technical, time and cost benefits compared to other targeted gene expression analysis methods, including:

  • High accuracy – No RNA extraction or cDNA conversion required
  • Sample throughput – up to 30 genes per sample, with 96 samples per plate
  • Cost savings – 75% less expensive than qPCR
  • Time savings – 10 x faster than qPCR