Analyzing and optimizing yeast fermentation using TRAC

Yeasts are highly important model organisms in modern cell biology research. Some yeast species are also used extensively in industry, for example in baking, the fermentation of alcoholic beverages and the production of ethanol for biofuel.

For this reason, we have a range of pre-validated TRAC libraries for investigating gene expression in S. cerevisiae, S. carlsbergensis and P. pastoris.

Our yeast pre-designed TRAC probes are ideal for:

  • Monitoring the fermentation process
  • Tracking metabolism
  • Assessing stress caused by large-scale protein production
  • Validating the effects of gene repair

Our large and growing library is continually being updated:

Why use TRAC for yeast studies?

  • TRAC has many cost, time and technical advantages over similar techniques used to measure gene expression
  • TRAC allows multiplexing of up to 30 genes per sample
  • TRAC works with crude yeast lysates
  • Thousands of samples can be processed quickly and efficiently
  • TRAC can be completely customized, allowing you to focus on your specific genes of interest (e.g. for recombinant genes)