Health Laboratory

ValiFinn’s Health laboratory is also a private healthcare service provider. Various services are on offer which include a wide range of measurement from blood samples e.g. thyroid and prostate markers, vitamin D, cholesterol, blood count and many others. Analysis are possible within our lab with or without a covering letter from a doctor.

Analysis bundle:

All the following analyses only 45 EUR!
Blood count
fP-Gluc (blood sugar, fasting)
P-Chol (Cholesterol)
P-Chol-HDL (high density)
P-Chol-LDL (low density)
P-Crea (kidney value)
P-ALAT (liver value)
P-K (potassium)
P-Trigly (lipid value)
P-Na (sodium)

Individual analyses from the bundle 5 to 12 euros

Vitamin D:

D-Vitamin-25-OH, S-D-25 42 EUR

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12, S-B12-Vit  35 EUR

Vitamin B12 active, S-B12-TC2 55 EUR

Thyroid gland bundle:

S-TSH & S-T4V, 28 EUR

Other prices

Our other prices can be found here (in Finnish)

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Appointments can also be booked by calling 040 506 4497.

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