TRAC Services and Products

ValiRx provides TRAC multiplex gene expression analysis services and products to serve a range of applications and experimental systems, including ADME-Tox screening, disease research and more. Users can take advantage of our collection of pre-validated assay panels, or assays can be custom designed to meet your needs – including any gene for which a sequence is known! Contact us now to get started right away!

FAST TRAC services

Send us your samples for processing using our FAST TRAC service and we’ll send you your data in an easy-to-use report. This allows you to focus on the biology of your study, rather than on processing your samples and results.

Pre-designed probes and panels

Although TRAC can be used to analyze the expression of any gene, the approach has clear benefits for use in pre-clinical screening. For this reason, we have created a large and growing library of pre-validated probes for use in human, dog and rat ADME-Tox studies, as well as other human diseases. These can be easily combined into highly informative panels optimized to instantly meet the needs of your research.

TRAC is a powerful tool for cancer analysis, as it is quick and simple to set up a custom panel of genes for investigating expression profiles in heterologous cancer samples. These can utilize our range of pre-validated probes for well-known genes related to cancer development, as well as custom probes targeting your specific genes of interest, which we would design and optimize for you upon request.

We have probes for investigating metabolism in yeast to help you optimize the fermentation process in your system. As TRAC can multiplex up to 30 genes per well, these probes can be arranged into highly informative panels spefically designed to analyze a large number of samples in suitable depth.

Custom TRAC
Although our pre-validated panels have the advantage that they can be used ‘off-the-shelf’, the platform is flexible enough to investigate the expression of any known gene sequence, in any organism. Send us a list of the genes you’d like to study, and we’ll design TRAC probes to analyze their expression.