TRAC gene expression analysis

TRAC (Transcript Analysis with the aid of Affinity Capture) is a novel method of gene expression analysis. TRAC meets the needs of a growing number of life science and pre-clinical drug studies, as users can investigate a large panel of genes in thousands of samples quickly, efficiently and accurately without comprising on sample number or study depth.



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TRAC vs microarrays vs qPCR

Microarrays are well suited for studies where the genes of interest are not known and only a few samples are to be investigated. This is often the first step before running focused assays.

Conventional qPCR is used when only a few targets need to be investigated, using a limited pool of samples (ten to a few hundred).

TRAC fills the gap between microarrays and qPCR and is the ideal solution when:

  • You know the genes you are interested in measuring
  • You want to assay a whole panel of genes, rather than just a few
  • You need to process many hundreds, or even thousands, of samples
  • You require an analysis solution that is low cost but highly accurate
  • You want to automate the process, to reduce hands-on time and increase assay turnaround speed